Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Easy (and affordable) Ways to Update Your Wardrobe with Key Accessories

A new look doesn’t always mean an entirely new wardrobe. You can give your look an instant make over with a few key accessories. Read on to learn about 5 easy (and cost effective) ways to update your wardrobe using only jewelry and bags.

1. Carry a Cute Clutch
The great thing about smaller bags is that they are ultra-affordable, sit in the palm of your hand (while carrying your most essential items), and can completely pull together an outfit. Plus, you can invest in a few of them and alternate them out, according to your outfits. Pick up some that have a colorful print, some shine and sheen, and one that is a basic neutral to ensure it goes with everything you own!

2. Incorporate Some Color
When you wear colorful jewelry, it makes a word of difference. It showcases your ability to add contrast to your clothes in a complementary way, making them look completely new and updated. Some color combinations that you should consider (and will get you out of that “matchy-matchy” mindset) when getting dressed and accessorizing your ensemble are aqua and melon, cobalt blue and yellow, grey and mint green, and khaki and tangerine.

3. Make a Statement
Statement necklaces have been big the past few years and their popularity have only gotten bigger. These oversized, sparkling baubles add elegance easily to casual or formalwear. They make any outfit look shiny and new, and can be worn with a t-shirt to brunch or with an evening gown to a wedding.

4. Stack on Shiny Rings
Forget about boasting an armful of bracelets; that’s so last season! The new thing to stack on (the more the better!) is shiny and colorful rings. Consider them an investment because you can wear stackable rings in many different combinations and with other rings that you already own. They are easy to arrange, plus enamel or silver and gold plated pairs are much more affordable than purchasing pieces from a jeweler, but look very similar. They can be worn to the office, out to happy hour, and even around the house.

5. Go Vintage
Vintage accessories, whether they are lockets, tassel necklaces, charm bracelets, cocktail rings, or chandelier earrings look elegant, charming, and ultra-unique when worn with modern apparel. Whether you shop at flea markets, antique stores, boutiques, or online; you are sure to find something that is an authentic vintage item or a very close replica for not a lot of money. They make your day to day wear or special events attire appear chic but eclectic and completely fresh and new.
You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to creating a new look. Once you know which accessories to add to your current wardrobe and how, you will look fresh and new in no time!

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