Thursday, August 25, 2011

Animal Print and Chanel

Photos: (LPH, BCBG)

In my eyes you really can't go wrong with animal print. Pairing it with bold solids or neutrals is always a safe choice. I've been eying the Steve Madden leopard booties for a while. I'm not sure if I love them but when I look at the photos collectively, I'm kind of inspired to buy! Of course I would be.

I'll be packing for a NY/Boston trip this weekend that I'm so excited for. The inner girl dreamer in me makes me think Sex in the City when I imagine us walking the city streets after an early drink at a random bar, and flagging down a taxi in my best heels to the next spot. Must be part of the draw of the show, haven't we all imagined ourselves as one of the SITC characters, or is it just me? It's always a good time when the girls and I get together. I'm a planner when it comes to vacation gear and I think I have everything all set which is great since I'll be packing last minute per usual (I usually don't plan that too well). One of the goods includes this leopard BCBG dress, it's actually a skirt but fits my life sized barbie body as a dress (like a glove I must say). If I wear it, it will definitely be posted soon.

P.S., it's MUCH hotter as a dress.

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