Monday, February 20, 2012

A Rose Bowl Experience

Shopping around in Los Angeles to find new products for my online vintage store typically includes a monthly visit to the Pasadena Rose Bowl flea market. I've made it a point to habitually attend and yet I still find myself somewhat overwhelmed when I arrive to a welcoming of thousands of vendors (literally over 2500 booths, I asked). Needless to say, making this an all day event is the only way to cover enough ground to leave satisfied and feel like I found the best of the best products to add to Rack and Sack. With an array of costume and fine vintage jewelry to select from, I always manage to find products I feel good about and get excited to share with my customers. 

Although it's always fun, running around searching through thousands of booths is never an easy task. I can see why some people get turned off by the idea of flea markets and steer clear of the overwhelming feeling that's almost inevitable. Your thoughts: Where do I start? How do I buy? How can I tell if this is vintage? What vendors carry the best products? Is this priced right? -- And that's sort of how the idea of Rack and Sack was born. An experienced hunter with a great eye (me) does the searching for you. Now get to it and start SHOPPING!

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