Friday, September 9, 2011

American Native

(top and shorts - american apparel)

First off, excuse the pixelated photos (the last one in particular which I posted simply for the nail polish, read on). I took a few quick shots in a very dark setting on a not so good camera. Sometimes you just have to improvise. 

I'm usually modest about showing my belly, but lately I like pairing crop tops with high waisted bottoms. It shows just the right amount of skin without being obnoxious. American Apparel is always a good 'go to' when you need something cropped or high waisted. 

Now on to the nail polish. I've worn this color for about 2 weeks straight, odd for me since I usually switch up my color every few days or so. It's called Mint by Revlon and I highly recommend to all. So far it has matched all my outfits.


  1. your outfit is so cute! I always feel uncomfortable with showing my skin. haha :)


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